demo reels 2018

Pictures speak louder than words. So just watch these 3 demo reels down below. Then you will quickly find out what my job is about...

Shooting Reel vignette

Shooting demo reel:
Footage from 2010 to 2018. Shot on location all around the world, on any kind of terrain and conditions. Using Panasonic P2 and GH4, for various projects and clients.

Shooting Reel vignette

VFX and motion graphics demo reel:
After a VFX training in 2013, I worked in VFX studios on commercials, music videos and awarded feature films. Since then, I am able to add VFX and motion graphics to works for clients and personnal projects.
3D, 2D animations, rendering and compositing using softwares like ; Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, After effects.

Shooting Reel vignette

Aerial footage demo reel:
After working 2 years in a drone company as video maker, I got really familiar with drones and aerial filming, especially about outdoor and action sports. Using Hexo+ autonomous drone and DJI Mavic pro

the life of brian
Brian in the desert

Movie description:
This movie tells the story of a beginner motorbiker on his very first trip to southern spain. Shot in automn 2016 and released in march 2017. I made this short movie completely on my own; shooting on the road, editing, visual effects, writing...everything.
It seems important to me to notice that this movie was recently awarded at the International Motorcycle Film Festival of New York City.
(The story is narrated in french, but english subtitles are available in the vimeo player)
Duration : 34 min 24 sec

MFF 2017 lorel
random edits
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Lacanau, France
Phone: +33 6 85 55 37 06
Map lacanau
Born in 1980. I am a video maker since 2004. So quite experienced today.
My work used to be mainly connected to extreme sports and outdoor activities (snowboarding, skateboarding...) and with a strong link to the mountains.
But for a while now, I also work on different projects more related to corporate videos, behind the scene and telling stories. My field of activity is wider today.
In 2012, I joined a training on VFX to make my skills richer and my profile more versatile. Since then I worked as VFX compositor on commercials, music videos and feature films, in VFX studios and as freelancer for clients and personnal projects.
More recently, I had the opportunity to fly drones to get some aerial footage during my work on the hexo+ adventure. This experience gives me today the chance to add some new perspectives to my video projects. Using both Hexo+ and DJI Mavic pro.
I also have skills in computer graphics and I made this website on my own.
My final quote : I love my job!


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